Welcome to the eDiscovery blog of Melvin Albritton. Cases large and small contain eDiscovery issues, some obvious, some lurking. Gone are the days of rooms full of bankers boxes. Today a successful litigator can leverage the internet and cloud computing to run a huge docket from a coffee shop. These changing times call for a change in the way you approach discovery. Expertise in Electronically Stored Information is vital to the success all cases.

Melvin Albritton is an successful litigator with expertise in eDiscovery issues. After 15 years of work for a major law firm, he opened his own law firm, the Albritton Law Firm, in 2016. While Melvin accepts all manner of cases, his electronic discovery expertise is uniquely suited for contract or job-specific roles. We allow you to scale up your eDiscovery efforts without taking on long-term commitments.

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